Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I work with Daniel Garcia?
You will clearly communicate your objectives, discuss a time line, and agree upon a budget. Then Daniel will return with some totally weird bird on skateboard or exploding light field that somehow works. No one will understand why it works, but everyone will agree that it does.  

Where does Daniel get his ideas?
He looks at the floor drinking coffee for a very long time until The Voice talks to him.

Is Daniel Garcia cool?
No. Daniel is a dork and introvert. He spends time on stuff 14 year olds would find interesting.

How did Daniel start his career in directing and design?
Daniel started out designing Santeria labels for a botanica in Queens. He forged strong working bonds with spirits who haunted and tormented him for years. But by developing his own personal magic powers, Daniel has learned to harness these spirit forces to promote sneakers, create station ID's, and direct innovative music videos.

Who are some of Daniel's clients?
Adult Swim, Nike, Adidas, Google, Spotify, LCD Soundsystem, Future, and others. He also draws on bathroom walls in diners and scratches his name on subway windows.

Is there anything else I should know about working with Daniel Garcia?
Yes, Daniel is a strict adherent of the laws of physics. Good, fast, or cheap. Pick two, and don't try and fight it.

Getting In Touch

Mr. Garcia can usually be found at his studio located in a creepy old Victorian in Brooklyn. Feel free to reach out and say *hi.

Boss Creative
765 East 17th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11230
tel. 212.390.0871